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"You woke up screaming. I figured breakfast in bed was in order."



Cadance looked at the spread on the tray that Shining Armor brought to her. All of her favorites magicked up before she had waken entirely from her slumber. Had she screamed? Her brow furrowed. Maybe. She did have a nightmare about Shining and what happened the night prior. She sat up, the pain from the cheek she never did get treated throbbed unmerciful.


"I didn’t wake you with the scream, did I?" she inquired. She hoped not. The white stallion had been through way too much. If she somehow interrupted his rest, she’d feel just awful. 

When he came out of the bathroom she was just dabbing on a few drops of her favorite perfume on the nape of her neck and behind her ears; rose oil. The floral scent was pure and lacked the acrid alcoholic smell that most perfumes possessed. Ever since she was a teenager, the perfume was her signature scent and one she knew that Shining adored.

The kisses caused her to close her eyes in a cat-like fashion. The sweet caress of his lips was enough to distract her and made her wish they used their time for more pleasurable pursuits than going to the infirmary.

"I just need to brush my teeth," she let him know.

Once all of their proper morning grooming, the royal pair trotted out into the halls of the CrystalPalace. The sun had just risen and the morning was bright and beautiful. The fiery orb sent such light into the windows that thousands of small bands of rainbows dotted ceiling to floor. This was the castle of her and Shining Armor’s youth and, it was with no paltry amount of awe, that she thought their fate to be as close to their wistful dreaming as possible.

Some of the guards who were finishing their final roving rounds of night shift caught a look at the couple. Concern and confusion marked each expression and Cadance knew that they internally questioned the marks on her cheek and an inexplicable feeling of shame rose in her. Why that? She had injuries before that no pony seemed to be too frazzled by or curious on. What did this mark have them wordlessly wondering.

She swallowed hard and hid herself behind her husband some as they walked. 

Even with the feelings Cadance felt at that moment, he shared the weight of them on his shoulders. He could feel some of the curious glances shifting over to him, curiously wondering if he were the one that delivered those blows upon the beautiful features of their princess. Was their marriage on the rocks?

For now, Shining didn’t comment but pressed on. He slowed his pace, keeping Cadance close so he could hide the marks as best he could. Be it a raise of his tail, or even a playful swat while chuckling to give the ruse of a playful joke between them, he didn’t want them to grow suspicious of them.

"I wish I could say I’m sorry right now…"

As the amount of traffic around them began to decrease, a small silence hovered around them. The curious gaze of onlookers wasn’t on them anymore. Why were they remaining silent to one another? They should have been able to talk openly again, right?

"I actually didn’t ask," he nervously chuckled. "Where to, my love?"

The odd shadow stepped out from behind a tree, staring at Shining. He wore a gray uniform, and had a bolt-action rifle slung across his back. It was a Changeling! He held up a single hoof, in a non-threatening manner. "Before you try to attack me, I've come to offer you an apology."

"An apology?" Every fiber in Shining Armor’s body was pressing him to arrest him, but that was just his personal anxiety trying to control his actions. If he wanted to attack him, he would have done it by now. "What do you mean by that? I don’t recall us ever meeting before," he commented, keeping a short distance between them.