One Empire to Another (Closed with good-king-sombra)


"Please, wait! I am not who you think I am!" Sombra replies as he holds out a hoof in a non-aggressive manner.

He wasn’t sure how he was going to convince them he was not the same Sombra, or how he was going to prove that he was in fact from another world.. But he had to try something.

"I understand your actions and fear, but I am not the Sombra you know. I know it’s hard to believe, but please… hear me out."

Well, that’s a start at least.

Shining stood still, listening his words carefully. There was no denying that he was Sombra, but what did he mean by all this?

"Don’t listen to him, Your Majesty!"

"It’s him! It has to be!"

The guards were still acting on fear alone, and Shining couldn’t help but blame them. But he sensed something different about him. And that would be what he based his decisions off of.

"Hold on!" he ordered, calling for them to be silent. Slowly he began to approach Sombra, not as hardened but still on guard.

"What do you mean you’re not the Sombra we know?"

That's dirty



25. You’re tempting me.

"You can’t just tell me not to sneak a little taste of Cadence’s birthday cake and expect me not to want to. It’s simply not how I work!”


[☀} “It’s…I don’t know, honestly. Twilight is still pretty short with me most times. She’s like that, I suppose — very particular about how things are and does not like them out of order. Naturally that can cause some friction, with my being the spirit of chaosand all. Fluttershy seems willing to trust me, as do Pinkie and Applejack…though the latter is pretty strict. I’m rather certain if I DID step out of line again, heck, forget the Elements: Applejack with whoop my butt into ten different shapes before I so much as summon a grape juice shower. Rainbow Dash and Rarity…still a work in progress.”

Discord sighed.

"It’s hard, you know. I’m used to beguilingponies into trusting me, because I know how to pit their insecurities against them. But to make them trust me because I truly do intend to help them? Forget about it.”

"I guess it’s something you didn’t take into consideration when everything went down. If I can probe your mind, it seemed like you were expecting a complete victory and ruling beside Tirek. You didn’t anticipate my little sister finding a way to unlock that power and stopping his plan, and I’m sure you didn’t think he would double-cross you. All those little miscalculations turned around and made life…made life hard for you."

All words that may have hit Discord hard, but Shining didn’t mean any harm to him whatsoever. In all honesty, it was just getting to see things through his eyes.

"Guess even those that have lived for hundreds of years can still learn something new now, huh?"

Heart appeared from almost nothing, and then simply dragged Shining via the wonders of unicorn magic. "We're going drinking." It was easy to see why. The look on his face was obvious; it was Heat week, and he was fearful of nearly every mare in the vicinity.




"Is it that time already?!” Shining was barely able to gather his bearings before being whisked away by Heart. This was a week that he knew was coming, mainly because Cadance was approaching that time again as well. But that was another story for later.

"Um…where are you taking me for a drink?" he asked, while still being pulled via unicorn magic.

"Then we better move quickly before they catch wind that we are going there. But…think I could move on my own now? I’m not a newborn colt you know."

If this were to be a time-sensitive operation between them, then Shining felt he should be on the move voluntarily so Heart uses less magic. Besides, they could always work together on getting to distant places together.

"Good to see you too, though. And thanks for the warning." Sarcastic tone, of course. But playful at the same time.

Heart happily released his magic; he would need a hefty chunk of it later. One of the ‘special’ wards on the building was one of his own creation, after all.

"Yeah, sorry, I just needed you moving immediately. The quicker the better, do remember that we have two Princesses whom will likely be after us.” He frowned for a moment, thinking about the many poor colts and stallions whom were not in a commited relationship.

It was like dipping oneself in cooking sauce and diving into a lion enclosure, so to speak.

"And no problem. I hope next time we can drink under less stressful circumstances." He matched Shining’s tone; they never seemed to just hang out.

"I’ll be looking forward to that day, especially with my future brother-in-law." His tone quickly changed as he was released from the spell, moving under his own will once again and trotting at the same pace as Heart.

In the back of his mind, Shining could only wonder how things were back at the palace with Cadance coming to that time. Probably not too good, honestly.

"So how far is this personal spot of yours? If you need, just give me a location to go off and I can teleport us there in an instant. Better to not be out in the open and give away our position to any ponies that may give information to Cadance and Twilight."

The two Princes (Closed RP with Shiningarmorrps)




'Why aren't you more like Shining?' They say, everypony thinks of him as some joke don’t they? He was not even of royal heritage, he just married Princess Cadence and cheated his way to the throne! But…they did have a nice empire, crystal would look good on his mane.

He had organized a visit to the Empire, a short visit but he only intended to have a quick coat job and then leave but since his cousin was the ruler of the Empire, perhaps he could get some special privilege since they were family.

After a few hours of boredom on the train to the Empire he had arrived, it was busier than Canterlot but the decoration was marvellous! Crystals everywhere, no wonder most would come here for a lovely vacation or new home.

He stood there as ponies rushed past him to board the train or getting off, he huffed and rolled his eyes as he walked through the crowds and then he saw it. The royal palace, a beacon of power and hope for the Empire. 

He walked towards it but a group of guards caught his eye, their coats were shining of crystals! This was a magic he had to learn, his mane would look fabulous! He stood there stunned by their coats but the sight of a normal pony amongst them caught his attention and then he saw him. The Prince of the Empire, Shining Armor.

He was family yet he had no liking for him but maybe he was worth his time, only a little time. He slowly walked towards him and stood at a close distance so he could politely observe him before he was to talk to him. He stood there and kept his posture to remain the look of a prince to others and to ensure they knew he was a noble of royalty.

Shining Armor wasn’t too happy about the upcoming visit with Prince Blueblood. Even when he served as Captain under Princess Celestia, Shining had heard stories of his attitudes towards ponies and guards. The two had never met personally, so this would count as their first encounter.

"Alright, be sure that everything is prepared for Prince Blueblood’s arrival. Make sure his room is well kept at all times, and when he isn’t with me or Princess Cadence, I want at least one guard around him for protection," he commanded to the row of guards. To this, they all saluted him and remained in attention.

Turning around, Shining was surprised to see Blueblood already out and off the train. He thought he would send guards to escort him out. Well, better now than later to get to meet each other. Offering a small smile and a nod, it was time to greet his in-law.

"Prince Blueblood, glad to see your trip went without a hitch. Welcome to the Crystal Empire," he chimed, extending a hoof towards the stallion. "We have everything ready for you back at the palace, and I’ll have a guard gather your belongings for you. Cadence said she would wait for you there as well, she just needed to take care of a few things before you arrived."

He looked right at the stallion that apparently was his ‘better’ to everypony, the Prince that mares would talk about even though his wedding was a complete shambles! How was he even allowed near such a beautiful place such as the Empire.

"A pleasure." He shook the hoof of the stallion only as a sign of friendship, not trust. He may be his brother-in-law but he didn’t need to kiss his hooves. "Prince Shining Armor, I assume? The train ride was acceptable but I swear if I have to hear one more filly cry for hours on end. I’m going to slap somepony…" He muttered the last bit as he looked around to see the homes and then the crystal place, the only thing that he really thought was good about this place.

"Shall we begin? I would prefer not to stand around like some lost tourist." He rolled his eyes and looked to him with a raised eyebrow. He only wanted to get his coat done and then leave, he didn’t want to waste his time standing around like an idiot.

"Of course. Right this way." Motioning for the Prince to follow him, Shining’s expression changed for a moment as he glanced towards the guards. One that they registered as ‘Let’s get this going’ and set everything into motion. Two went to retrieve Blueblood’s belongings from the train while the others turned and headed to the carriage that would be transporting him.

As with the buildings of the Crystal Empire, the carriage was also crafted of a fine crystalline material. The stallion would be able to see himself in its reflection, something Shining was positive he would enjoy on the trip to the palace.

"I’ll be joining you on the trip, so after you," he smiled, opening the crystal door for him. Bottle of champagne and some treats Cadance picked out for him were waiting on the inside.

Friends Among Friends (Closed w/ Staccatoandfriends)


The bard had been heading towards the castle himself, but the question asked of him made it moot. Ah well. Turning, he found the incredibly familiar looking guard captain, but for some reason… Staccato was blanking on where he knew him from.

Maybe it would come to him.

"Oh hi there!" He chirped back, before addressing the actual question. "Well… she wasn’t at the castle? Shoot, I guess that means Heart isn’t there either. I’m not really sure, honestly, but getting those two apart takes a crowbar and a team of earth ponies these days." He laughed. It was sort of true, but exaggerated.

A little bit.

"I don’t think I’ve seen you in town before! I haven’t really been here long, but still- The name’s Staccato. Staccato Lyric!~ How do ya like the place?"

"I’m not too surprised to hear that, honestly," he chuckled. "My sister can get really affectionate when something that catches her heart enters her life. Like her Smarty Pants doll, but that’s another story for later."

No need to spill some embarrassing moments of his sister’s life already to a stranger. Perhaps later on, if he felt evil enough to do something so dastardly.

"I come and go at times. But it’s a pleasure, Staccato. Prince Shining Armor, but you can just call me Shining," he smiled, extending a hoof towards the stallion. "Older brother of Twilight Sparkle and keeper of some embarrassing secrets."

Return of a tyrant



Sombra remained in Shining’s blind spot, though he was detected by Shining. He could hear hooves around him, but paid no mind to them. There was no way that Sombra would be able to survive in this environment. At least, he thought that would be the case. Just the thought of him being here was boiling Shining’s blood.

"Where is he?" he muttered to himself again, keeping his gaze around him. Turning around, he was wondering where Sombra might strike, or even emerge. 

With this turn, he was now facing the disguised stallion, unaware that it was him just meters away from him. Taking a deep breath, Shining had to control himself. He couldn’t let others see him so distressed. That alone would bring a sense of alarm within the populous. 

"Relax. Sombra can’t be here. He was destroyed, remember? Still, why do I sense dark magic in the area?"

Pushing those thoughts aside, he began to finally move from the spot he fixated himself to, trotting away back to the empty Colosseum.

As he smirked from the sight of his panic, the crystal heart began to beat. The magical pulse sent a wave of pain through him and he began to stumble as his body felt weaker, he tried to keep his stance but failed and he fell to the floor but he would not have his revenge ruined. 

He saw an empty alleyway and darted to it as he gained his footing, he would not be defeated by the very artefact that he once conquered! He leant against the wall and tried to blend into the darkness…

To Sombra’s potential benefit, a stallion seemed to wander into the alleyway, appearing confused and startled. “H-Hello?” the crystal pony called out. “Are you alright?”

Being slightly cautious, he wandered in deeper into the alleyway, wondering what happened to the figure they had seen only moments ago. It looked like a hurt stallion, and if they were harmed they needed medical assistance. “You don’t need to be afraid! If you need help, we can get you the aid you need!” he called out, waiting for a reply.

One Empire to Another (Closed with good-king-sombra)


Well, from the looks of things, the first test of his new spell led to Sombra being teleported to the worst possible place he could be. Merely looking at him caused ponies to go into a panic. This must be the Crystal Empire that Celestia had told him about during one of her visits, the very kingdom that his counterpart had ruled over. Judging how nearly identical they looked, he couldn’t blame them from being so terrified.

Unable to talk to the ponies around him to clear things up, Sombra simply wondered around, looking for somepony with more authority so that he could explain things. So far, no luck. Maybe it would be better if he had let them come to him instead. Hopefully they wouldn’t go on the offensive without hearing him out first.

Shining Armor was quick to arrive on the scene, galloping as quickly as his hooves could carry him. Behind him were a small number of guards that had followed him. It looked as if the crowds had cleared up rather quickly at the sight of the stallion. It was a near mirror image of the former tyrant.

Coming to a halt, the guards all stayed behind a moderate distance. The fear was evident as several members couldn’t hold their spears steady. But Shining was all serious, his eyes glaring back towards the new visitor.

"Sombra." He pronounced his name with a sense of anger, his eyes analyzing over the new appearance of the stallion that stood before him. Something wasn’t quite right though.

"If you wanted to try and sneak into the Crystal Empire, you could have at least tried to disguise yourself better."